About Us

We are Branit VFX, a company of Linking News, are known for providing our clients with the perfect VFX solutions and help them promote the news of their VFX achievements with the help of all the connections of our mother company. Our company is comprised of a number of talented technicians and specialists who are highly trained in the art of visual effects and are capable of providing you with the perfect solution for getting your VFX needs sorted. A number of different features that make us who we are have been described below:


  • Being connected with Linking News provides us with the tools and resources that are part of our mother company. Linking News is a company that has built a highly credible and reputed business because of a large number of years that has been dedicated to hard work and efficiency in the field.


  • Our connection with Linking News provides us with the capability of providing you with the opportunity to get your VFX news featured on the top media sites in the industry and therefore increase the visibility of your achievements or brand name.


  • The top media sites that are associated with Linking News include MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and these media sites are highly reputed brand names and are ideal for getting your VFX news circulated in front of the correct viewership.


  • Linking News also has a huge network of journalists, media outlets, and social media networks. This includes as many as 30000+ journalists, 10000+ media outlets, and 1000+ social media networks. All of these connections are spread across the world and provide Linking News with a global outreach to create the perfect audience for your VFX news.


  • Linking News also has the innovative features of White Label Press Release Distribution. This feature enables the company to distribute your press releases without the brand name of Linking News getting mentioned anywhere on the press releases that get distributed. It also guarantees that Linking News will not be publishing your press releases on their official website. By doing this, you can circulate your press releases in an unbranded manner and also stop worrying about your competitors coming to know about your PR and marketing strategies.


  • Linking News also provides the opportunity of increasing your brand awareness, visibility, and generating traffic to your VFX studio and brand website. This is achieved by the creation of backlinks that are mentioned in the media sites where your press releases get featured. Because these media sites have a large viewership, getting a backlink featured on such a platform enables a large number of people to migrate to your own website and therefore create traffic for your company or brand. This is highly beneficial for the success of any company and is a great service that you can avail.

Choose Branit VFX and take advantage of our connection with Linking News in order to get your company or VFX Studio the visibility and success that it deserves.