How White Label Press Release Distribution Service Works?

We at Branit VFX understand the need for popularizing your VFX venture and hence provide you the best solution for getting a great visual effects service and also being able to publicize the news of you having created a VFX marvel in front of the entire world. Our company has been created by Linking News, which is the best press release distribution service in the industry. Linking News has connections with the topmost media outlets in the industry, which include the likes of FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and Reuters. Having such prestigious connections makes this company the ideal choice for getting the news about your VFX venture distributed to millions of readers in order to create the buzz that will prove to be the success of your work.


Linking News also understands the need for keeping the fact that you are taking their help for building up your PR and marketing completely discreet. No entrepreneur would want the news of how they conduct their PR and marketing policies known to their competitors. Revealing the secret would mean that your competitors might take advantage of this knowledge and implement the same to benefit themselves. Therefore, Linking News provides the White Label Press Release Distribution Service that helps in keeping their involvement into the entire affair of distributing VFX news for your venture a complete secret.

100% White Label Press Release Distribution Service

Linking News helps provide unbranded press release distribution services to their clients, therefore, keeping the news of their involvement in the PR and marketing strategies of people who have hired them a complete secret.


Unbranded press release distribution service works on the basis of Linking News promising to not mention their brand name in any of the press releases that get distributed by them. This means that whenever a press release is distributed by Linking News the brand name of Linking News will not appear on any part of that press release. This ensures that the involvement of Linking News is not made public under any circumstances. The source of the press release is kept as anonymous and therefore nobody becomes the wiser with the knowledge of who has been distributing the press releases.


Linking News further promises that the press releases that get distributed by them will not get published on the official website of Linking News. By doing this they ensure that no one comes to know about Linking News’s involvement in being the third-party press release distribution service provider that has been helping you in distributing your press releases.

Get the news of you having used the wonderful technology of VFX in your movie or animation out in front of the world without the fear of your competitors learning how you are able to manage such wonderful PR strategies by choosing Linking News and its White Label Press Release Distribution Service.