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Branit VFX are endowed with all the resources and tools

Achieve a highly successful circulation

While producing a VFX movie or animation getting the news of you having started your VFX project out in front of the entire world is highly crucial to attaining the success that you desire out of your project. We at Branit VFX are endowed with all the resources and tools required for achieving a highly successful circulation of the news to all the channels that can bring about the desired results. Our company has been created by Linking News, which is the best press release distribution service provider in the industry. Thanks to this connection, we have the ability to provide you with the perfect VFX press release distribution solutions that would prove to be highly beneficial for your venture and provide you with the visibility that you need.

Connection with the top media outlets in the industry

Linking News has connections with the topmost media outlets in the industry, which makes them perfect for the circulation of any kind of press releases even those concerning the use of VFX in your movie or animation. The media outlets that are associated with Linking News include the likes of FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and Reuters. All of these media outlets are highly reputed brands and getting your news about the use of VFX, and other special effects in your movie or animation can be circulated in a credible and reliable manner by having it featured on these top media outlets.

Take advantage of the vast network of Linking News to get the highest amount of visibility

Linking News has a vast network spread all over the globe with a special emphasis in the Asian region. China is one of the topmost clients of Linking News. More than 2000 Chinese media outlets are part of the huge network that Linking News has. Apart from this, Linking News also enjoys a huge network that consists of 30000+ journalists, 10000+ other media outlets, and 1000+ social media networks that are dispersed all over the globe. Taking advantage of this vast network is ideal for getting the news about your VFX achievements in front of a huge number of people. Success for any movie or animation depends upon the audience that it has and Linking News provides you with the perfect network to create that very audience.

Use the White Label Press Release Distribution Service to distribute your news in an unbranded manner

Linking News offers the unique solution of unbranded press release distribution with their White Label Press Release Distribution Services. Through this service, you get to distribute the news about your VFX achievements without your competitors coming to know how you are tackling your PR and marketing needs. Distribute your press releases without the brand name of Linking News being mentioned in any part of the press releases. Moreover, Linking News promises to not publish these press releases on their official website thereby eliminating the chances of anybody finding out about their involvement in your PR and marketing strategies.